Blood, roses, and things that go bump in the night--everything that makes reading worthwhile. Lillian Stewart Carl writes mystery, suspense, romance, fantasy, science fiction, heavily seasoned with history and myth, music and magic...

Filling Up the Corners: Blogs, Interviews, and Rants

The Avalon Chanter Lillian is the author of the seven-part Jean Fairbairn/Alasdair Cameron mystery series...
Ashes to Ashes ...which reintroduces characters from the Ashes to Ashes series.
Sabazel She also writes heroic fantasy...
Blackness TowerLucifer's Crown ...and mystery, romantic suspense, and contemporary fantasy stand-alone novels.
The MuseAlong the Rim of TimeTwo short-story collections include twenty-five previously published stories.
She’s also ventured into award-nominated non-fiction... Vorkosigan Companion
...has edited and contributed to an animal-related anthology for charity... Avalon Chanter
...and has even done work-for-hire.Vanished
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Lillian's books and stories are widely available in various paper and multiple electronic versions.

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